while the walls come tumbling down.

A fanlisting is a group of people who like something: i.e. a group of people who like wolves. All a fanlisting is is a list of fans to do with that particular person, item, or object; it joins together people with similar interests.

Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy is an ever expanding series, with most of the games appearing on the PS/PS2/PS3, with a few branching onto other consoles. XIII is the thirteenth game in the linear series, focusing centrally on Lightning, but also the characters of Snow, Hope, Vanille, Sazh, and Fang, who all become l'Cie, enemies of Cocoon. What starts out as a mission to rescue Lightning's sister, Serah, goes drastically wrong when the lead heroes become l'Cie, and are thus outcast from Cocoon. They must fulfil their Focus, or they face a future as a monster, a Cie'th. Lightning and her friends decide to go against their Focus of destroying Cocoon, eventually learning the motives of those around them and the corruption of Cocoon itself along the way.


Lumina does not appear until the last of the Final Fantasy XIII trio of the games (otherwise known as the Lightning Saga), Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. Unlike the last of dying humanity, Lumina seems to have simply appeared from the Chaos one day and creates mischief wherever she goes. Though some of her actions are harsh - and, questionably, on occasion, cruel - the citizens of the dying Nova Chrysalia have a soft spot for her, since through those complicated actions, Lumina actually seems to always, somehow, help the person in question. Being from the Chaos, she also has the ability to teleport and travel to any place on a whim, which she uses to her advantage.

Her favourite target is Lightning. Lumina appears before Lightning on a regular basis, in order to taunt and to drop the occasional hint, even going so far to drop into her "mind space" so they can have a private conversation without God's watchful eye. Or ear.

Spoilers from here! Whilst her motivations may appear to be all over the place, late into the game it is revealed that Lumina is, firstly, an embodiment of Lightning's cast off emotions (which she believed to have been taken by Bhunivelze to better serve him, but actually, it was herself when her parents died). Lumina is the fifteen year old Lightning - everything she hates about herself, at least. Secondly, Lumina was created by Lightning as a place to harbour Serah's wandering soul, so effectively, a tomb. This explains why she looks so much like Serah at that age. In the end, Lightning accepts the misplaced part of herself, and saves her own soul, and she and Lumina reunite.


I did not expect to love Lumina. Okay, I expected to like her, if solely because her voice actress' (in both English/Japanese) are two of my favourites, but for her as a character? I really didn't know what to expect. Could another XIII character, one entirely new, swoop in and lay claim to my heart just like the rest? As it happens, the answer is a resounding yes.

I really enjoy Lumina. She's not the most straightforward, but it's a delight to try to get into her head, and in terms of roleplay, all that lovely exposition that she only knows the answer to. It really makes you appreciate her more as a character, not that I didn't already love her already! She's a great addition to the cast.


Capricious means to be given to sudden and unaccountable changes of mood or behaviour, or changing according to no discernible rules; unpredictable, and both those meanings sum up Lumina completely. There's no real knowing what she'll do next, who's her next toy in her games; and whilst she wanders everywhere, even into the Cathedral alongside Vanille, she doesn't really answer to anyone. She helps the Order when it suits her, and stands against them when it doesn't. As long as it helps her achieve her ultimate goal, why should she care? Capricious little demon, really.


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